AllBliss in a bathroom and at the back of the toilet seat spraying water.

Because toilet paper just isn't good enough

The travel bidet that turns your toilet into a mini spa. Come out feeling clean, refreshed, and 100% satisfied.

Better hygiene made simple

Experience true bliss

A modern take on the traditional bidet. Be among the first to replace toilet paper with a lasting flow of water for a refreshingly satisfying and hygienic clean.

Inspired by Asia, designed and engineered in Switzerland🇨🇭

No installation required

Allbliss is completely plumbing independent. You can set it up and have it ready to use very quickly, no special know-how required.

Set up and use in 30 seconds or less

Long lasting water flow

Swap toilet paper for a lasting flow of water. Allbliss provides a clean that no toilet paper will ever be able to match.

Game over, toilet paper!

Always the perfect pressure

With three adjustable pressure settings, you will always experience the perfect flow of water. Just the way you like it.

Low | Medium | high

Hands-free operation

No more of that dirty work you let your hands do! With the Allbliss, you can sit back and enjoy long lasting water flow, completely hands-free.

Just press play

A happy smiling family.


For you and your whole family. An Allbliss at home provides freshness and cleanliness for all.

You and your loved ones

AllBliss with USB type C cable getting charged.

A battery that lasts

The powerful lithium polymer battery holds charge for up to 70 minutes of use. Easily charge with the provided USB Type-C cable.

One week on full charge

AllBliss in a open suitcase packed with clothes and a headphone.

Vacation ready

Allbliss seamlessly blends in with your toilet seat at home, perfect for everyday use. And when it’s time to travel, simply snap it off and take it along!

Always by your side


Trees chopped down every year. To produce toilet paper.

Care for mother nature

Not only is toilet paper bad at providing a proper clean, it is also notoriously bad for the environment. By using water instead, you contribute to a greener world and a more sustainable society.

  • Rolls and rolls of toilet paper.

    Less toilet paper

  • Aerial shot of a forest full of trees.

    More trees

  • Red and white smokestack billowing smoke

    Less greenhouse gases

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How do we compare?

Allbliss succeeds where others fail, making it the best travel bidet for any scenario.

Don't just take our word for it

We've had customers using our pre-production units and they are already excited!

  • Young South Korean woman with short cropped hair in a light brown top.

    Good for home and trips

    It's simple to use and fit for purpose. It's useful not only during trips but also at home, as the bathrooms are usually small and rarely have bidets. It does take up some space at the back of toilet seat, so you need to adjust a bit but it's okay.
    Soo-Ah K

    South Korean in U.S.A

  • Young Indian man in a green t-shirt.

    Yes, water does clean better!

    This is pretty common in the Indian sub-continent and most of Asia. Glad to see that the rest of the world is waking up! I travel quite often within Europe for work. A must have product for my next trip abroad, once COVID restrictions are lifted.

    Arun R

    Indian in England

  • Argentinian woman with long brown hair in a red top.

    Exactly what I need and want

    After living in Asia for many years, this is one of things I miss here. Since I live in a rented apartment, I cannot install a permanent bidet. This is a good solution for my needs while at home and I take it with me while travelling. Each to his/her own, but I think the water pressure needs to increased. Hopefully, the final product will have it.

    Isabella B

    Argentinian in New Zealand

  • Young Thai woman with long hair in a grey top.

    For travellers esp. women

    As a woman traveller from Asia, I always had problems when in Europe or U.S.A. Not really used to "using" just toilet paper. So this is perfect for people like me who really need water for washing up and find toilet paper unhygienic and uncomfortable.

    Sirikit C

    Thai in Germany

  • Middle aged Moroccan man with a beard and moustache in black and light brown shirt.

    Like the experience

    More or less works as advertised - it's discreet and stores enough water for a good clean. After some time the water pressure decreased a bit but this was solved by recharging the batteries. Overall a good experience.

    Wayel A

    Moroccan in Canada

  • Filipino woman with long hair in a light blue top.

    Always in the back of my mind, now it's here

    I love that it is very easy to use and I have been needing one for a while but I can't because of the situation in my rented apartment. It's something I never thought I want and need. It has just been always at the back of my mind but now having the experience, it will be really good to have one.

    Jojo H

    Filipino in Sweden

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