Better hygiene made simple

Be fresh, be clean

In Western countries, most toilets use just toilet paper.

Does this seem unhygienic — and maybe even a little weird — to you? Because if you think about it, water cleans better than toilet paper.

Now you can take care of your intimate hygiene needs with the travel friendly toilet accessory AllBliss.

What is AllBliss?

AllBliss replaces toilet paper with a jet of water for a refreshingly satisfying and hygienic clean. Only water can make you feel fully clean. Be fresh and clean at home and on the go. 


See it in Action

2 in 1 design

Combining the comfort of home with the freedom of travel.

  • No Installation Required

    Set up and use in 3 simple steps.

  • Lasting Water Flow

    2 minutes guaranteed for a satisfying and hygienic clean.

  • Travel Friendly

    Small and compact, fits in any bag. Take the comfort of home with you when you travel.

  • Hands-Free

    Bluetooth remote for hands-free comfort.

How does it work?

As simple as 1..2..3

  • Fill It

    Fill it with water.

  • Fix It

    Snap on to toilet seat with easy to use, no slip suction cups. 

  • Use It

    Once you're done, use the remote to spray water.

How is it better?

Hand-held versions only hold enough water to fill a small coffee cup (140 mL). That is not enough water for a satisfying and hygienic clean. AllBliss is designed with precision in Switzerland🇨🇭for high pressure, continuous lasting water flow and is engineered to do the job at the right spot.

Lasting water flow, feels fresher
Higher pressure, cleans better
Engineered to hit the right spot

More features you'll love!

100% automatic, hands-free and travel friendly.

  • Adjustible Nozzle

    Fully flexible. Clean where you need.

  • Long Life

    USB charged battery with 1 week of use per charge.

  • Adjustible Pressure

    A drizzle or a downpour? Water pressure that's just right for you.

  • Family Friendly

    For women, men and the whole family.

Don't just take our word for it

Prototype Field Testing

Good for home and trips

It's simple to use and fit for purpose. It's useful not only during trips but also at home, as the bathrooms are usually small and rarely have bidets. 

It takes does take up some space at the back of toilet seat, so you need to adjust a bit but it's okay.

Always in the back of my mind, now it's here

I love that it is very easy to use and I have been needing one for a while but I can't because of the situation in my rented apartment. 

It's something I never thought I want and need. 

It has just been always at the back of my mind but now having the experience, it will be really good to have one.

Exactly what I need and want

After living in South America for many years, this is one of things I miss in France. Since I live in a rented apartment, I cannot install a permanent bidet.

This is a good solution for my needs while at home and I take it with me while traveling.

Each to his/her own, but I think the water pressure needs to increased. Hopefully, the final product will have it.

Like the experience

More or less works as advertised - it's discreet and stores enough water for a good clean. 

After some time the water pressure decreased a bit but this was solved by recharging the batteries. 

Overall a good experience.

For travelers esp. women

As a women traveler from Asia, I always had problems when in Europe or U.S.A. Not really used to "using" just toilet paper. 

So this is perfect for people like me who really need water for washing up and find toilet paper unhygienic and uncomfortable.

Yes, water does clean better!

This is pretty common in the Indian sub-continent and most of Asia. Glad to see that the rest of the world is waking up! 

I travel quite often within Europe for work. A must have product for my next trip abroad, once COVID restrictions are lifted.

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