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Embracing the Jet Spray Bidet-less Life


Leaving the comfort of home often means parting ways with familiar bathroom rituals. For travellers from various Asian countries journeying abroad, the absence of the beloved jet spray can be a daunting challenge. Let's explore how individuals from different cultural backgrounds are coping with the bidet-less reality.

Ji-won K.'s Sync Strategy (South Korea)

Ji-won K., 30, visiting Washington D.C. for inter-governmental conference, shares her ingenious approach to maintaining hygiene abroad. By synchronizing her pooping schedule with showers, she strives for that familiar post-poo cleanliness.

Anand F.'s Wet Wipe Woes (India)

While on-site in Southampton, UK, Anand F., 24, faces the jet spray bidet vacuum with bulk-bought wet wipes. Despite their convenience, they pale in comparison to the efficiency of a trusty jet spray.

Nurul A.'s Portable Bidet Solution (Malaysia)

Nurul A., 27, visiting Wels, Austria, grapples with the absence of jet sprays by resorting to portable bidets. While not as effective as the real deal, they offer a semblance of cleanliness in bidet-deprived settings.

Chatchai B.'s Toilet Paper Transition (Thailand)

For Chatchai B., 20, dividing his time between Asia and New York, the switch to toilet paper has been a begrudging compromise. He reminisces about the luxury of jet sprays while enduring the tediousness of TP.

Fatima R.'s Amusement Amidst the Chaos (Morocco)

Amidst the toilet paper stockpiling frenzy during COVID-19 in Los Angeles, USA, Fatima R., 24, finds amusement in Americans' newfound bidet discoveries. Despite the humor, the absence of jet sprays remains a daily inconvenience.


From ingenious synchronization tactics to begrudging toilet paper usage, individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds navigate a bidet-less world with varying degrees of adaptation.

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