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Jet Spray-Free Zones: Hygiene Tips Abroad


In the absence of jet sprays, travellers from Asia visiting Europe employ a myriad of strategies to maintain hygiene. From bulk buying wet wipes to advocating for bidet installations, let's delve into their innovative approaches.

Haruto S.'s Bidet Oasis (Japan):

For Haruto S., 23, travelling to a somewhat jet spray bidet-equipped destinations like France offers a respite from the toilet paper ordeal. Bidets provide a familiar comfort amidst unfamiliar bathroom landscapes.

Samantha L.'s Home Bidet Haven (Sri Lanka):

In Singapore, Samantha L., 47, showcases the importance of the jet spray by incorporating it into his home. Despite initial amusement from her Dutch husband, its convenience becomes apparent, especially with a baby in the picture.

Indra A.'s Personal Hygiene Journey (Indonesia):

Indra A., 27, a visiting assistant professor in Irvine, USA, navigates the bidet-less landscape with resilience, driven by medical necessity. She carries portable bidets and wet wipes, determined to uphold meticulous hygiene standards.

Van H.'s Toilet Paper Transition (Vietnam):

Van H., 27, currently in Europe, grapples with the cultural shift from jet spray bidets to toilet paper. Despite the challenges, he adapts to the new norms while reminiscing about the convenience of bidet usage back home.


From transforming homes into jet spray bidet havens to persevering through myriad of challenges, travellers from diverse cultural backgrounds display remarkable adaptability in maintaining hygiene.

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